Goals and Objectives

The goal of this project is to convene an interdisciplinary working group comprised of international experts to address the ethical and regulatory challenges posed by new genetic modification technologies and the prospects they raise for human germline genetic modification, and to develop and disseminate policy recommendations in relation to these technologies.

Our specific objectives are to:

  • describe and analyze the current scientific, ethical and policy landscape relevant to human germline genetic modification; 
  • identify the challenges raised internationally by current governance structures in gene therapy and stem cell research; and 
  • develop concrete, practical recommendations for deploying this technology responsibly in those jurisdictions that choose to permit translational research in this area.

The project has included an initial phase of preparatory research to map the scientific, ethical and regulatory issues. The results of this research is presented via this briefing website, and will form the basis for indepth discussion of the ethics and governance challenges during the meeting.

Our deliberations will inform the development of a well-described set of critical issues to be addressed, and, where possible, related policy recommendations, which, as the principal product of this meeting, will be widely disseminated, promoting further engagement with stakeholders who can translate this work into policy and practice.

Additional products will include the briefing website, which will be made publicly available following the meeting, and at least one manuscript which will be developed to expand upon the consensus analyses and recommendations.


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