Draft Agenda

WEDNESDAY, 2 SEPTEMBER 2015 – (Open as a PDF)

5-7pm  Informal Cocktail Reception for participants arriving on Wednesday – Manchester Institute for Biotechnology (MIB) in John Garside Building


7-8:55am  Breakfast & Introductions (8am) – Pendulum Hotel

9-10am  Welcome, Meeting Overview and Charge– MIB, John Garside Building

10-11am  Session 1: State of the Science: Gene Editing Research

  • What do we know? What data do we have regarding these technologies?
    • In nonhuman animals
    • In humans
    • Pluripotent stem cell-derived gametes
  • What scientific questions remain un(der) explored?
  • What essential data are still missing?
  • Are there scientifically important questions that are answerable only with these methods?

11-11:15am  Break

11:15-12:15pm  Session 2: Potential Applications

  • What are the current and proposed applications?
  • Are there alternatives to proposed applications of this technology?
  • Are there applications for which there are no obvious alternatives?

12:15-1:30pm  Lunch

1:30-2:30pm  Session 3: Concerns and Challenges Raised by the Research

  • Arguments via the literature
  • Ethical challenges related to policy responses (or non-responses)
  • Public opinion and engagement

2:30-2:45pm Break

2:45-3:45pm Session 4: Concerns and Challenges Raised by Applications

  • Ethical challenges raised by applications in nonhuman animals
  • Ethical challenges raised by applications in humans
  • Public opinion and engagement
  • Areas of agreement that can serve as the basis for building consensus

3:45-4:30pm  Session 5: Global Policy Landscape

  • Existing landscape
  • Current debates
  • Implications for policy change/responsiveness to evolving science

4:30-5:45pm  Break Out Groups: Critical Issues and Recommendations

5:45pm  Recess

6:30pm  Dinner in Manchester


7-8:55am  Breakfast  – Pendulum Hotel

9-11:00am  Session 6: Issues & Recommendations – MIB, John Garside Building

Distribute draft recommendations

  • Critical issues and data/analysis needs
  • Consensus recommendations
  • Remaining points of departure/tensions

11:00-11:15am  Break

11:15-12:30pm  Session 7: Issues & Recommendations – Full Group

12:30-1:30pm  Lunch

1:30-4pm  Session 7, Continued

4-4:30pm  Closing Thoughts, Next Steps

4:30pm  Adjourn


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